Dr Gaye Luedke DVM

Meet the friendly staff at Broadway Veterinary Clinic - Hastings, MI!

Gaye Luedke
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
In this position it is my job to see patients, talk with owners and help explain how to care for their family members (i.e. pets). I care for sick pets, (either dietary indiscretion or long term illness). I also advise new owners and to help educate owners. I perform surgeries and plan treatment schedules, all in an effort to keep your family members comfortable and happy.

A little about myself: I graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, worked several years in Indiana, in both a small animal equine practice and an emergency clinic. Upon returning to Michigan I have worked in Hastings area since 2004. I am married and have three wonderful children, four grandchildren and a small farm. We have Border Collies, cats, sheep, cows and chickens. I enjoy gardening and being outdoors. I very much enjoy my work and am happy about the family atmosphere at the clinic.